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Carlinkit TBOX 3.0 Android Auto Smart AI Box Wireless Adapter Multimedia Video Box For Cars With OEM Carplay(4+64G)

Original price was: $259.99.Current price is: $185.99.

Note: Carlinkit Tbox 3.0 is an upgraded version of Tbox 2.0 in 2023, The Android system has been updated to Android 13.0 to boast faster and smarter capabilities,  We’ve also added the superior Qualcomm 8-Core chip to further enhance its performance, and the appearance of the box has changed slightly.

The Carlinkit TBOX 3.0 is a standalone Android OS box that replaces Apple Carplay, Android auto with the full-featured Android OS 13.0 and adds a car-friendly interface layer to it. This means you can run any Android-compatible app from the Google Play shop on the display. Tether your iPhone or Android smartphone to the Carlinkit TBOX to access streaming video from YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video on the in-car Play display.

Browse The Internet Using The Google Chrome Browser, Use The Bundled GPS Module To Use Navigation Applications, And Even Play Android Games On Your Touchscreen CarPlay Display. You Can Also Play Locally Stored Videos And Music From An Inserted USB Drive That’s Loaded Full Of Video And Music Content With Its Built-In Player. The Carlinkit TBOX Replaces The CarPlay Experience With An Android One, So Think Of Any Android Mobile Or Tablet Application And You Can Have This App Running On Your CarPlay Display.

    • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
    • One Year Warranty
    • Worldwide Free Shipping
    • Lifetime Free Online Upgrade

Vehicle: The device can be used in your car as long as it is factory equipped with wired Apple CarPlay and Android auto. Individual models require an additional power cord. Individual models require Android auto to boot.

Please Note: The US&CA Version Only Supports US And Canada

The Global Version Is Available In Any Country Apart From US&Canada

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If Your Car Has A Factory CarPlay And Want To Convert Your Wired Carplay To Wireless, You Can Choose Carlinkit New 3.0 U2W Plus 

If Your Vehicle can not install android software, You Can Try The carlinkit tbox. It Is Not Only A Wireless Carplay Dongle But It Also Has Its Own Android Car System, Which Means  You Can Run Any Android 13 Compatible App From The Google Play Store On Your CarPlay Display

If Your Car Doesn’t Have A Display, You Could Try The Wireless Apple CarPlay Dashboard Console 2.0,This Is The Easiest Way To Get Apple CarPlay In Your Car. This Apple CarPlay Dashboard Console Is A Standalone Display That You Fix To Your Car Dashboard Or Windscreen. You Can Connect Your Phone With This CarPlay Console Easily Via Bluetooth Or Wi-Fi.

Carlinkit TBOX 4g + 64g Youtube Netflix car Android system smart box wireless Android auto apple Carplay ai box

Main function: Android 13.0 system / Wireless Carplay / Wireless Android auto / Wireless mirror link

Note: This Tbox works on cars and has OEM factory-wired CarPlay. 


  • 【IMMERSIVE DRIVE EXPERIENCE】Feel the thrill of immersive Drive provided by the Carlinkit AI Box, giving you an ultra-smooth, real-time feel of your Drive.
  • 【SAFETY FIRST】This Carlinkit AI Box equipped with a built-in smart Snapdragon chip from the manufacturer Qualcomm which provides much safer and more stable performance than other Adapter.
  • 【Fit For the Car】Fit for 2018 and up years cars. Please check the car listing before purchase. If your car model is not on the use list, please contact us to confirm.
  • 【Plug & Play, Multi-Compatible】This CarPlay Video TV AI Box is only for cars with OEM wired CarPlay. USB plug and play, you can add Android 13.0 system to your car in 3 seconds without dismantling the original car stereo. Fit for 2018 and up years cars. Compatible with Audi/Porsche/Volvo/Skoda/VW.
  • 【Wired To Wireless CarPlay】This CarPlay adapter can convert your factory wired CarPlay to Wireless connection. After connecting this wireless CarPlay ai box, you can enjoy automatic and wireless connection to CarPlay without a data cable. Get rid to cable trouble. The easiest way to bring wireless CarPlay & Autokit to your vehicle.


Q: Is it possible to mirror the in-car display and the iPhone 15pro phone?
A: tbox is a full Android system and you cannot cast your phone into the system. Just like you can’t use your iPhone to cast your screen to your Android phone.

Q: Can I call up and watch videos through a web browser? For example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Browser, and so on.
A: Yes, tbox is a complete Android system, you can use a 4Gsim card, and WiFi network to access the Internet, using the network you can use any software that can be run within the Google system, including maps, browsers, videos, music and other software.

Q: Is it possible to operate everything from the steering wheel keypad and in-vehicle joystick?
A: This depends on whether your vehicle can use these features when using the wired carplay function.

Q: If I listen to the radio in the car, can CarPlay work at the same time? For example, is it possible to listen to GoogleMaps via Carlinkit’s CarPlay function and the radio in the car system at the same time?
A: No. The tbox is activated by the information channel of your carplay, and the signal channel of the carplay takes over the car’s playback system, so you can’t use it at the same time. Just like there is no way to use the vehicle’s FM radio to listen to the radio when you are using carplay.

Q: Does the above product have a remote control and/or can I use my phone as a remote control? For example, is there no need to control the steering wheel or joystick when watching a movie in the car?
A: For vehicles that cannot be touched, you can choose our USB model, which allows you to plug in an additional wireless keyboard with a USB port to use as a remote control.

Q: Can I use the SIM card to make phone calls without having to use my cell phone?
A: I am very sorry, but the SIM is for internet use only and cannot be used to receive calls.

Q: What do I need to consider when purchasing a cell phone in order to use the right product in Germany/Europe or worldwide?
A: Our Global versions of our products are suitable for all regions other than North America, so you can feel confident in purchasing a local SIM for use.

Q: What exactly is the technical difference between the two products mentioned above?
A: The difference between the USB and other models is that there is an additional USB port for Bluetooth, USB flash drives, and other USB devices.

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Global Version (Not US&CA), US&CA Version

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alex Mongard
The Smart Box that works

This is my second smart box that I've purchased. The first one worked for a few weeks and then the Android update happened and connecting to the device was more than frustrating. I plugged the Carlinkit in and it works really well. It runs my other applications well and links to my phone without hassle. Happy with the Carlinkit.


Carlinkit TBOX 2.0 Android Auto Smart AI Box Wireless Adapter Multimedia Video Box For Cars With OEM Carplay

Alexander Burns
Link it review

I really enjoy not having all the cords and my car looks neater, I’m able to keep the kids entertained with Netflix and also watch Kayo while parked.
Down side is that the unit must have an internal battery and stays active for a while after the vehicle is turned off so if I’m in range of the car and get a call my phone continuously divers to the link it device even when my phone is selected. It’s rather annoying and the only reason for the 4 instead of 5 stars.

Louis Deglomini
Android system OEM quality

I installed in a 2020 Mercedes C300 coupe. My car has no touch screen.
I purchased a Bluetooth remote with keyboard. The remote connected to the
Tbox Android 9.0 easily. The Tbox starts wireless carplay when I start vehicle. Wireless car play works great no different then wire carplay, The Android 9.0 is a
Full Android system. Iphone works with system contacts list integrated. Phone sound is excellent. Easy to connect to play store to down load any app. Apps work perfectly. Netflix and Youtube videos play perfectly no audio lag. Maps navigation app works perfectly. GPS very accurate. A great addition to any vehicle.