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Are You Tired Of Plugging Your Phone Into The USB Port Every Time When You Get Into Your Car?

We Have Found The Solution For Wired CarPlay Simply Plug-In Our USB Adapter Into The Factory USB Port And It Will Use Bluetooth To Make A Wireless Connection With Your Vehicle.

Plug And Play. No Coding Is Required! Simple And Easy To Convert Your Wired CarPlay To Wireless CarPlay&Android Auto!

Note: The T2C 2.0 Is An Upgraded Version Of T2C 1.0, It Doesn’t Need To Insert SIM Card Anymore

The CPC200-T2C 2.0 Is Specially Designed For Tesla And Helps Tesla Upgrade With Wireless Carplay. All You Need To Do Is Connect Your Tesla To The T2C With The USB Cable, And Then Enjoy Wireless Carplay. Simple And Money Saving!

Are You Tired Of Getting Stuck In Long Traffic Jams And Feeling Bored With Your Friend Or Kid In The Passenger And Back Seat?

Don’t Know What To Do During Long-Distance Travel Breaks?

Try Out Tbox Plus! With The Latest And Most Stable Android 12.0 System And The Powerful Qualcomm 8-Core Chip Acting As A Robust Back-End CPU, Tbox Plus Offers You A More Stable System With Tons Of Features To Keep You Entertained.

TBox AR Is A Device That Combines The Functions Of Carlinkit AI Box And 1080P HD Dash Cam. It Maintains The Original AI Box Functions, Such As: Converting Your Car’s Wired Carplay Wireless, It Has A Standalone Android 9.0 System, You Can Switch The System Between Android 9.0, Wireless Carplay, And Wireless Android Auto, And The Original Car System Easily

The New Carlinkit 2air, Also Known As Carlinkit 5.0 Adapter. It Is A Wireless Carplay And Wireless Android Auto Adapter In One. The CPC200-2air Wireless Adapter Enables You To Wirelessly Connect Your Car’s Existing Wired Apple CarPlay Or Wired Android Auto Infotainment System, Allowing You To Conveniently Access All Your Preferred Maps, Media, And Messaging Apps On Your Car’s Display Through Bluetooth And WiFi Connectivity.

How to Enable Wireless Apple CarPlay in 2022

what is Wireless CarPlay? BMW was the first car manufacturer to implement wireless CarPlay support, and Volkswagen is also working on wireless CarPlay solutions and has debuted the feature in Europe. Mercedes-Benz added wireless CarPlay support to its MBUX infotainment system, which debuted in 2019 A-Class models, and Mitsubishi started...

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carlinkit 2.0 upgrade

U disk upgrade 1, U disk formatted as FAT32. 2, the firmware is placed in the root directory of the U disk. 3, insert the product USB interface. (If you can see the interface, you can see the progress of the upgrade on the interface. If you can’t see the...

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