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🔥 🔥Wireless Apple CarPlay Dashboard Console 2.0 Portable Wireless Touchscreen Carplay&Android Auto Unit for Any Car


This Innovative Portable Wireless CarPlay Android Auto MirrorLink, DIY Mounted Above the Console, Is Equipped with a 1024×600 High-Resolution Display That Rivals the Best In-Dash System. DOES NOT Require High-Cost Professional Installation, And CAN FIT in ANY CARS!

  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • One Year Warranty
  • It is Suitable for All Cars
  • Support Apple Carplay&Android Auto
  • Real Plug And Play Device

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If You Do Not Have a Fancy New Stereo with CarPlay or You Have an Old Car, This Is the Easiest Way to Get Apple CarPlay in Your Car. This Apple CarPlay Dashboard Console Is a Standalone Display That You Fix to Your Car Dashboard or Windscreen. You Can Connect Your Phone with This CarPlay Console Easily Via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

This Apple CarPlay Dashboard Console is a breakthrough solution to adding Apple CarPlay in your car without the requirement of an expensive head unit install or system replacement. Simply mount the console onto the top of your dashboard or on your windscreen, Plug-In its power cable and choose between wired AUX audio input or use your car stereo’s FM radio to listen to CarPlay through your speakers.

Simply connect to your iPhone wirelessly over Wireless Apple CarPlay.

Need a CarPlay Dashboard with Reversing Camera? Click here to buy the latest version of Wireless Apple CarPlay Dashboard Console 3.0. It has Dashcam and Reversing camera.

Need a larger screen? You can choose the Apple CarPlay Dashboard Console 3.0 Plus




1. Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto

It adapts to all vehicle models for iPhone and Android phone users. You only have to go through a Bluetooth connection once, it will connect to CarPlay or Android Auto automatically each time you enter the car. Use its voice commands and always keep your hands on the wheel.

2. Screen Mirroring

A built-in wireless mirroring function gives you a larger version and allows casting what’s exactly running on your phone, by clicking on AirPlay for Apple users and AutoLink for Android phone users, that you can easily get directions, play music, and watch videos.

3. High Resolution, and Larger Vision

The wireless console has a 7-inch IPS display of 1024 x 600 resolution, which displays a high resolution than most aftermarket displays. Enjoy a sharp and colorful display with a wide vision.

4. Non-destructive, Easy Installation

It’s a quilt simple device. Using the supplied mounting arm, with its adjustment clamps, and screws, you can easily find the best position and angle for the screen on top of your dashboard.

5. Expand Media Play & Keep the Original Audio

There are a number of ports located along the left side of the display, the AUX port allows you to pass its audio to your car stereo. You could simply dump some music and videos onto your drive with a USB or SD card, hook it up, and have everything work.


  • Wireless System: Wireless CarPlay、Android Auto
  • Screen: 7 Inch IPS 1024*600
  • Audio: MP3/ WMA/ AAC/ AC3/ OGG/ FLAC/ APE
  • FM Transmission: FM 78.5 MHZ-108MHZ
  • Sound Source: FM Transmitter/AUX/3W Speak 
  • Wireless Module: 5.8GHZ WIFI, BT 5.0
  • Dimensions: 176 x 107 x 17mm
  • OS language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Vietnamese, etc. 

User Manual

Download the user manual for more detailed usage instructions.


CarPlay Dashboard 3.0(2023)-7 Inches With A Front And Back Camera, CarPlay Dashboard Console 2.0(2022)-7 Inches/No Front Or Back Camera, CarPlay Dashboard Console 3.0 Plus(2023)-10 Inches With A Front And Back Camera

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Rick Percival (Brisbane, AU)

Appears to be good value - I have been using for 4 weeks

Rhonda Conroy (Sydney, AU)

Keeps me safely on track

Greg Caddaye (Sydney, AU)

🔥 🔥Wireless Apple CarPlay Dashboard Console 2.0 Portable Wireless Touchscreen Carplay&Android Auto Unit For Any Car

Walter Santizo (Lake Elsinore, US)
CarPlay Console

Great system, only issue I ran into, there is no way to adjust your voice volume during a call Other than that, it’s perfect.

Walker (Asheboro, US)
Screen Instructions bad

Product very good. Have a carlinkit dongle in my MB. Got the portable one for older Jeep. Instructions to operate screen, non existent, especially the play thru FM part. Many you tubes, not helpful, finally stumbled onto a second tier sort of menu and got going. 45 minutes over a 3 click mystery menu. Love the product, but come on guys…I cant read your mind