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About us

Carlinkit Factory Specialize In providing car solutions to Make Your Driving Safer and smarter.

Based On the Design Concept of The Car Network Smart Car, We Have a Series of Products.

Compatible With Mainstream Interconnection Protocols, “CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink, AirPlay, Carlife, Huawei HiCar, Etc., And Realize the Conversion Between the Above Protocols Through Its Protocol.

We Are a creative carplay Factory, We Design, Customize, And Manufacture Products to Resolve Your Problems. 

We could provide customized service for bulk sale, also white-label, logo printing is available.

Our History


● We established in July

● June released the first Android mobile phone multi-screen interactive screen projection device

● November released the first IOS mobile multi-screen interactive device


● Released the “Carlinke” series of automotive products


● Released the first mass-produced “Carplay” after-installation device

● Released “Carlife” and “Android Auto” solution products

● Released “CarlinKit”, “CarlinKit” and “AutoKit” series products

● Released plug-in products based on USB transfer protocol


  ● Released wireless Android Auto and wireless Carplay solution products


 ● Released plug-in auto original protocol function expansion equipment


● Released Huawei HiCar protocol series products

● Released protocol conversion series products

● Released carlinkit 2.0 u2w plus


● Released Carplay Dashboard console

● Original car protocol upgrade HUAWEl HiCar released (U2H/U2HC)

● Release of wireless products for car protocol upgrade (U2W mini)

● OE protocol upgrade products released (TBox/TBox mini/TBox V3)


●CarPlay Adapter for Tesla released!(T2C)

●Android Auto Wired Upgrade Wireless Product Release (A2A)

●CarPlay protocol upgrade product release (TBox Plus/Tbox AR)

●CarPlay-Android-Android Auto cross-protocol product release(CCPA/CP2A-CarlinKit4 .0)


● Release of original car protocol upgrade products (2air/TBox basic/Ambient)

Our Certificates

About Our Factory

1 V 1 Sales Representative To Guide You To Visit Our Factory Online. You Are Free To Ask Any Questions During Visiting.

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