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Carlinkit T2C 2.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter For Tesla Add Wireless CarPlay to Your Tesla


Note: The T2C 2.0 is an upgraded version of T2C 1.0, It doesn’t need to insert SIM card anymore

The CPC200-T2C 2.0 is specially designed for Tesla and helps Tesla upgrade with wireless Carplay. All you need to do is connect your Tesla to the T2C with the USB cable and then enjoy wireless Carplay. Simple and Money saving!

Suitable for cars and mobile phones:

Applicable model: For Tesla all series models.

The phone must be iPhone 6 & IOS 10 or above.

Note: The Following Countries And Regions Cannot Use Our T2C Products: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, And Israel.



With T2C, you can upgrade your Tesla with wireless Apple Carplay, which means you can listen to music with your favorite application, make phone calls, summon the Siri assistant by voice, etc.  T2C retains Tesla’s original car screen operating system and adds an interactive interface adapted to it, allowing you to get started quickly and operate more smoothly.


If you are driving the car alone and no one else can assist you in operating the screen, T2C could provide you with an aid to manipulate your car. Just arouse Siri as you do on an iPhone, then you can command your Tesla. T2C makes your car trip safer and more convenient.



With the T2C Wireless Carplay Adapter, you can have more options in choosing navigation apps, such as Waze, and Google Maps. It supports more map software that can be updated in real-time.


More stable and smooth operation with 2.4g+5.0g-wifi.

How to use T2C in your Tesla car?

T2C supports language change, version upgrades, etc in the connection interface.

LED Instructions

LED 1: Mobile phone interconnection status. Slow flashing after successful interconnection.

LED 2: WIFI connection status. Green light will keep on after a successful connection.

LED 3: Power status indication. Greenlight will keep on after powering on.

LED 4: 4G status indication. Greenlight will keep on after networking.

 Product Specifications:

Compatible list:

Adapted for Tesla vehicles

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model X


  1. The following countries and regions cannot use our T2C products: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and Israel.
  2. T2C is only compatible with iPhone 6 or IOS 10 and above.



Unable to obtain ip address Please check DHCP server settings

Using the T2C product, enter the T2C’s WiFi password on the Tesla screen and this prompt will appear.

Please update the firmware to the latest version first and then try again

If your T2C is using a SIM card, please check if the SIM is providing network traffic properly and if it has any outstanding charges.

If your T2C is not using SIM card, but using iphone’s hotspot/Bluetooth to provide network traffic, please check that

Whether the iPhone has turned on the hotspot

whether the iPhone has connected to T2C Bluetooth

T-Mobile Can’t connect to the cellular network

We released a new version update on December 10th,2022

it will support T-Mobile cellular network, please use your iPhone to upgrade the device online(iPhone online upgrade)

1、Turn on devices

2、iPhone Buletooth pair”AutoKit_xxx”

3、iPhone chick”USE CarPlay”

4、Safari enter to

5、Click “Update”

New version:22121022.1508.1

T-Mobile User Please set APN Name manually:

APN Protocol:select to IPv4V6

(T2C)Why use to visit CarPlay? Product principle?

1. Use the internet to transfer data?

The transfer rate between the device and car can reach up to 50~90 Mbps, using the Internet transmission will be a disaster.

2. Why use to visit?

Our local address is , because Tesla is not friendly enough for local area network ,So we used a server (

We redirect all requests to access the server to the local address,Because is resolved to, access is achieved through

*The you see, actually works on the local area network, never actually accessing our server

3. Our other security initiatives

You need to secure your local network

You should promptly change your device’s default wireless password

T2C traffic usage instructions, how to save traffic

I. Traffic usage of Internet of Vehicles

1, After Tesla car connects to our product (CarlinKit T2C, hereinafter collectively referred to as T2C) hotspot, all network transmission is done through T2C (including daily system updates).

2, When you encounter system updates, please try to use other WIFI hotspots to complete the update.

3, If your Tesla has ‘”Premium Connectivity”, when you stop to watch video/entertainment, please disconnect the WIFI connection and use the 4G network communication in the car.

II. iPhone uses T2C network

1. Under normal circumstances, iPhone connects to wireless CarPlay using iPhone’s own traffic, but if you have ever manually connected to T2C’s hotspot, your phone will use T2C’s network traffic after connecting to CarPlay. You can check the network status bar in the Wireless CarPlay interface, if it shows “WIFI icon”, it means T2C’s network is being used.

You can change this setting: by opening the “Wireless LAN” of your phone, find the current T2C’s wireless signal which exists under the name of AutoKit_xxxx, click the “!”(exclamation mark) of this signal, go to the next screen and select “Forget This Network”.

2. T2C uses local network communication, it only communicates with cell phone and car through local network communication, no additional interconnection traffic is generated.

T2C SIM card can not network solution

On November 26, 2022, T2C updated the version (22112520.1508.1) with new APN settings.

Some SIM card users who can not network, you can use your cell phone to connect to the product WIFI hotspot signal and then enter to check the update.

After the update, re-enter and fill in the parameters provided by the SIM operator in the APN settings.

For users in North America, the SIM card is temporarily unavailable to the network. We are working to resolve this issue

T2C upgrade firmware method (T2C without SIM card, and only use iPhone)

Even if the T2C does not have a SIM card, the firmware upgrade can be done using an iPhone (internet connection required).

Method 1: iPhone connects to T2C WiFi

1. Power up the T2C

2.Wait for 40 seconds, the device will turn on the WIFI network(AutoKit_xxxx)

3.iPhone connect devices WIFI(AutoKit_xxx)   Default Password (88888888)

The mobile phone accesses the Internet, the mobile phone pops up a reminder, choose to “use the cellular network”

4.Open the mobile browser and visit

5.Scroll down to the footer, if there is an update, it will appear here,and chick “Update

Method 2: iPhone connected to T2C Bluetooth

1.Power up the T2C

2.Turn on the Bluetooth of the iPhone to search and pair “AutoKit_xxxx

3.After waiting for 40 seconds, the phone will pop up a reminder, select Use CarPlay

4.Open the mobile browser and visit

5.Scroll down to the footer, if there is an update, it will appear here,and chick “Update”

*When upgrading, the red LED blinks alternately

Tesla cannot connect to T2C device WIFI and cannot obtain an IP address, Solution

*Most reasons:Your country has regulations restricting 5G WIFI

You can learn about your country’s WIFI regulations,T2C devices default wireless channel is 36, But most phones have more channel

Follow the steps to set:

1. Power up the T2C

2. Wait for 40 seconds, the device will turn on the WIFI network(AutoKit_xxx)

3. iPhone connect devices WIFI(AutoKit_xxxx), Default Password (88888888)

4. Open the mobile browser and visit

5. Enter the WIFI option, select the correct channel, and click Save

T2C(CarPlay for Tesla) SIM has no network signal,Please upgrade

If you are using T2C (CarPlay for Tesla) and you are experiencing no network signal from your SIM, please try to upgrade T2C.

Upgrade steps are as follows.

1, T2C is powered on
2, iPhone Bluetooth connect T2C Bluetooth (Bluetooth name: Autokit-****)
3, confirm the use of CarPlay
4, in the phone browser, enter the URL:
5, in the web page, click upgrade
6, after the prompt upgrade success, please wait for T2C reboot has completed the upgrade

Picture tutorial

7,Contact your telecomm operator to obtain the APN parameters and fill in

Video tutorial

How to delete CarPlay connection history on iPhone

iPhone – Setting – General – CarPlay

Choose your car/autokit

Forget This Car

T2C CarPlay for Tesla, first connection, tutorial

T2C CarPlay for Tesla, first connection, tutorial

Adapter for running CarPlay on Tesla, first time connection tutorial.

Text version of the tutorial, written in great detail in order to avoid mistakes as much as possible.

1. Insert the sim card into the SIM card slot of the product according to the direction indicated (please make sure the sim card can provide mobile data)

2. Connect the product to the car’s USB/Type-C port through the data cable

3. Click on the lower left corner of the car screen to bring up the settings menu, click on the upper right corner to open the WiFi search bar, search for the product WiFi signal: AutoKit-xxxx, enter the original password: 888888888 (after the WiFi connection is successful, be sure to check the “Stay connected while driving”)

4. On the car side, enter in the browser address bar to enter the connection interface

5. iPhone, turn on WiFi and Bluetooth, in the Bluetooth list, find the Bluetooth name displayed on the car screen: AutoKit-xxxx, click connect. After successful connection, confirm the CarPlay connection prompt on the cell phone, then you can enter wireless CarPlay.

6. iPhone, after the car screen enters wireless CarPlay, cell phone Bluetooth connects to the car Bluetooth


EU Version, US&CA Version

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Corey Wind
You can now have Apple CarPlay in your Tesla!

This product performs as advertised. Fully functional and controlled with touch and Tesla controls. If you want Apple CarPlay in your Tesla this is for you. This seller was very responsive to my questions and would recommend both the product and this seller.

Works with Tesla V11 and t2c Firmware Updates

This should be part of the Tesla, OEM software.

The t2c is a very interesting device, works using my iPhone as a personal hotspot, device connects to my Tesla through Bluetooth and displays Apple CarPlay using the Tesla browser.

Initially had lots of browser crashes, usually within minutes of connecting, now fixed with Tesla V11 and t2c firmware updates. Ran for an hour yesterday with no glitches, so bumping up to 4 stars.

Meena Barsoum

Carlinkit T2C 2.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter For Tesla Add Wireless CarPlay to Your Tesla