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Carlinkit 4.0 Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Adapter Convert Wired CarPlay Android Auto to Wireless


Are You Tired Of Plugging Your Phone Into The USB Port Every Time When You Get Into Your Car?

We Have Found The Solution For Wired CarPlay/Android Auto! Simply Plug-In Our USB Adapter Into The Factory USB Port And It Will Use Bluetooth To Make A Wireless Connection With Your Vehicle.

Plug And Play. No Coding is Required! Simple And Easy To Convert Your Wired CarPlay/Android AutoTo Wireless!

  • Support Wireless Carplay/ Android Auto
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • One Year Warranty
  • Worldwide Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Free Online Upgrade

Latest Update: As Long As Your Car Has Factory Apple CarPlay, This Unit Will Work on Your Car


Buying Guide

If Your Car Has A Factory CarPlay And Want To Convert Your Wired Carplay To Wireless:  If your phone is iPhone, You Can Choose Carlinkit New 3.0 U2W Plus, If Your Phone is an Android Phone, You can Choose the Carlinkit 4.0

If Your Car is Tesla, You could buy the T2C 2.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter For Tesla

If You Want to Stream Youtube&Netflix in Your CarPlay, You Can Try Carlinkit Tbox. It Is Not Only A Wireless Carplay Dongle But It Also Has Its Own Android Car System, Which Means  You Can Run Any Android 11.0 Compatible App From The Google Play Store On Your CarPlay Display.

If Your Car Doesn’t Have A Display, You Could Try The Wireless Apple CarPlay Dashboard Console 2.0,This Is The Easiest Way To Get Apple CarPlay In Your Car. This Apple CarPlay Dashboard Console Is A Stand alone Display That You Fix To Your Car Dashboard Or Windscreen. You Can Connect Your Phone With This CarPlay Console Easily Via Bluetooth Or Wi-Fi.

If you need a CarPlay dashboard console with reversing camera, You can choose the unit with reversing camera

If you want to add CarPlay for your motorcycle, you could choose the CarPlay Dashboard Console for Motorcycles

Note: The Carlinkit 4.0 is an upgrade version of Carlinkit 3.0

Difference Between Carlinkit 4.0 and Carlinkit 3.0:

  1. Support wireless Carplay/ Android Auto: It can support both Apple Carplay and Android Auto now, which means you can use the device with iPhone or Android phones
  2. Carbon fiber: The unit added a Carbon fiber layer to avoid fingerprint retention and makes the device look cleaner and more elegant
  3. Navy blue Color: Navy blue is the newly released color of the device

Carlinkit 4.0 or Carlinkit 3.0?

If Your phone is an iPhone and you don’t use Android phones,  Carlinkit 3.0 is enough for you.


[Convert Your Wired Carplay/ Android auto to Wireless]

For daily driving, most of it is just a ten-minute trip. You don’t need to always endure the pain of plugging in all the time. Our market-leading Carlinkit 4.0 dongle will make your wired CarPlay/Android Auto wireless(via Bluetooth and Wifi), providing a completely wireless experience. No need to take the extra step to plug it in, it can sit in your pocket. Or, if you leave the phone in a bag, you don’t have to fish it out.

[Connect Automatically and Flawlessly]

Simply start the vehicle and the Carlinkit 4.0 adapter is already connected. First-time setup is super easy. Just plug in and choose it on the Bluetooth setting on the iPhone and that’s it. After the initial connection, Carlinkit 4.0 adapter connects automatically and flawlessly as long as your iPhone is in the car and then the car is started.

[Plug and Play]

The Carlinkit Dongle has a USB-C Female port, but with most CarPlay enabled vehicles (and aftermarket installs), it features a female USB-A port, and the Carlinkit Dongle will attach to this port via USB-A on the opposite end of the cable and allow the Carlinkit to connect to your “Apple CarPlay” USB socket.

If Your Models Are in Our Compatible Vehicles List Below, Then There Is No Doubt That the Unit Works with These Models.

If not, Make Sure Your Car Has the Following Factors, then the Carlinkit U2W Plus Will Work on Your Car

√. There’s Already Wired Apple-CarPlay Installed from The Factory or Upgraded Through Your Dealer and You’re Getting Its Functions.

√. There Is a USB-A Port in Your Car Model.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Stuart Mackaway (Newcastle, AU)
Great bit of Tech

Works very well. Allow me to useCarplay without having to charge my iPhone. On the odd occasion doesn't start properly.

JasonL (Brisbane, AU)
Carlinkit 4.0

Works so much better then the cable version. Very happy

Charmaine Dee

Excellent! Was surprised how small the Carlinkit 4.0 as compared to the pictures on your Website. Just note that you will need a few seconds to connect your device to your Phone but not a real issue. Does the device connect without disconnections to your trip? Yes, on my Subartu XV, Have not experienced any disconnection even with Apple Music playing in the background. Really recommend if your a person who hates wires dangling all around your vehicle.

Angie Azer (Mississauga, CA)
Great product

It’s really slick , small in size, big in performance.
The odd times it doesn’t connect, but restarting the phone fixed it.
Over all I’m happy with it, I use it with my Harley motorcycle, my bike has an infotainment system, I was getting tired of connecting the cable to start CarPlay.
Now I don’t have to worry about that anymore!
I would recommend to a friend.

Robert S (Raleigh, US)
Works Seamlessly

The Carlinkit 4.0 setup with my car was as simple and easy it can get. The device has worked reliably. I love how when I enter my car, I’m automatically connected to CarPlay within seconds. A great solution for Android phone users.