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Motorcycle CarPlay Android Auto Display Screen for Motorcycles


Are you tired of taking your phone out for navigation every time you ride a motorcycle? Are you tired of updating your GPS navigator map manually every time? Can not use your phone during navigation? We’ve found the solution for you, This Motorcycle CarPlay unit is professionally made for motorcycles, Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.



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Your motorcycle deserves a technological upgrade, we create this powerful portable CarPlay navigation screen device that turns the connection between mobile phones and motorcycles into a possibility. It can upgrade your motorcycle’s technological equipment with just plug-and-play. 

WIRELESS CARPLAY&ANDROID AUTO: Using Bluetooth, connect to your phone to enjoy CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly.

ONE-TIME INSTALLATION: You don’t need to get on and off your motorcycle to disassemble and assemble the mobile phone, and you don’t need to replace the motorcycle host or any professional installation.

ONLINE UPGRADATION: You can easily upgrade the functionality of your motorcycle.

VARIOUS SOFTWARE AND APPS: Various software and navigation applications: You can use your mobile phone to download various software and navigation applications you like to make your driving more convenient. 

MAKE FOR OUTDOOR: Our hardware is industry compliance standard, it works ideally even under 80°C/ 176°F, and is super dust resistant


You need to connect to the ACC power supply of the motorcycle. Generally, the ACC power supply of the motorcycle is under your seat, which means you need to remove the motorcycle seat cushion to install it.

1: Installed on the handle

      2: Installed on the crossbar of the motorcycle dashboard

      3: Mounted on motorcycle mirror arm

There is a screw used to fix the connection between the screen and the bracket at the base and the device. If you do not use it frequently, you can unscrew the screw to facilitate the removal of the device. Or screw it to prevent theft

Yes, Because the device is connected to the ACC power supply, the device will automatically disconnect the power supply after you stop for 5 minutes.

Yes, you can take off the screen and upgrade it through TF card. Or through the USB interface, insert a U disk to upgrade.

This device requires power, so we do not recommend installing it on a bike without a battery

The device supports IP68 level waterproof and dustproof. The car-grade hardware used in the equipment can meet the high temperature and low temperature environment

Try to connect your motorcycle headset through the second Bluetooth of the CarPlay screen.

The location of the Bluetootooth is that the homepage of the device is displayed, The Bluetootooth in the settings (belongs to the Bluetooth, used for carplay and Android auto connections.)

Due to the limitations of the carplay function, when using carplay, the audio channel is in carplay by default, not on the phone. The problem can be solved by connecting to the motorcycle headset through the second bluetooth of the screen.

Customer Reviews

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The touch response is very sensitive, there is almost no problem of delay after connection, I think this price is worth it and the seller provides friendly and patient guidance

Carplay connection is fast, and the waterproof test is passed in rainy days!!

Carplay connection is fast, and the waterproof test is passed in rainy days!!

Alex P
very good...thanks

very good...thanks