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Carlinkit Tbox Plus CPC200-Tbox Plus Android 13.0 Internet AI Box-Wireless Apple Carplay&Android Auto(8+128G)


Are you tired of getting stuck in long traffic jams and feeling bored with your friend or kid in the passenger and back seat? Don’t know what to do during long-distance travel breaks? Well, look no further! Try out Tbox Plus!With the latest and most stable Android 13.0 system and the powerful Qualcomm 8-Core chip acting as a robust back-end CPU, Tbox Plus offers you a more stable system with tons of features to keep you entertained.

TBox Plus could serve you in its way:

  • Built-in GPS for hassle-free navigation
  • Wireless conversion to reduce wire stalking troubles
  • Large memory, support for downloading massive apps
  • Support wireless remote control, easy to operate
  • Memory connection, automatic connection when getting on your car

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If you’re looking for a high-performance multimedia video box, then the CPC200-Tbox Plus with Android 13.0 is the one for you. We’ve listened to our customers and optimized the Tbox’s Android 9.0 system to bring you the Tbox Plus, which boasts faster and smarter capabilities. We’ve also added the superior Qualcomm 8-Core chip to further enhance its performance. With nearly double the speed and fewer issues than the Tbox, the Tbox Plus is more powerful than ever. However, we remind our customers that, as always, it’s important to prioritize safety and keep your focus on the road if you’re driving.

More features & functions waiting for you to discover!

What should you know about Tbox Plus?

Tbox Plus Basic Functions:

  1. Built-in 4G full Netcom module for networking, and can also use mobile phone hotspot WIFI for networking
  2. Support wireless Carplay & wireless Android Auto
  3. You can download a large number of apps from the application store
  4. Built-in GPS+Glonass+Beidou satellite positioning

Compatible Car: 

Car with factory-wired Carplay

Compatible mobile phone :

Wireless Carplay: iPhone 6 above and iOS 10 and above.
Wireless Android Auto: Android phones with Android 10.0 or above, some require Android 11.0 and above.


Built-in Qualcomm 8-Core Chip

Tbox Plus has a built-in Qualcomm 8-Core Chip, which provides faster running speed and long-term stability for the device, providing you with a good functional experience. Coupled with the 4G network, compared with the Tbox, the performance has nearly doubled, which greatly reduces the problems you will encounter when using the Tbox. Of course, if you encounter any problems, our after-sales staff will actively help you solve them.

TBox Plus Convert Your Original Carplay System To Android Tablet!

TBox Plus has a thinner profile than Tbox, with better performance but an easier look, and millions of apps in Google Play could also be more exciting than DIY an impressive space that is exclusive and driving-video-audio integrated.

Quick to enjoy your favorite Netflix episodes, TikTokYouTubeAudible books, and even online games. Above all, if you’re still chagrin by missing out on supporting your favorite team, imagine the thrill of being able to see real-time matches with your friends henceforth.


TBox Plus Support Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto!

The entanglement of the data cable is as annoying as the entanglement of the headphone cable, so the Tbox Plus has chosen wireless to facilitate your use and organization.

TBox Plus can convert your wired CarPlay to Wireless and supports wireless Android Auto. After the first manual connection, it will be connected automatically. Getting rid of the trouble of cable, It is the easiest way to bring wireless CarPlay & Autokit to your vehicle.

TBox Plus is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. Fit for 98% of market vehicles with wired Carplay. For more details, please refer to the vehicle support list at the bottom.


Don’t waste your money and time on digital multimedia receivers!

If you need to buy and install a digital multimedia digital receiver, you could spend almost 800 USD, like the Alpine Multimedia receiver and Pioneer multimedia digital receiver.

The wireless Carplay adapter on the market average cost about 120 USD, but you just need to spend more than 100 USD or less, then you could get more functions to cost over 800 USD.

Independent 4G High-Speed Mobile Internet.

Frequent hotspots on your smartphone will accelerate the aging of the battery. Supporting an independent 4G sim card means that your car will no longer need to rely on the hotspot of the mobile phone to access the Internet, and you can also share the hotspot with other devices. Just let your phone lie quietly in your jeans pocket.


Turn Your Car Into A Private Online Theater!

If you need to do something to pass the time on a long trip, you can play a movie with the Tbox Plus. If you’re stuck in traffic and can’t get home in time to watch a ball game on TV, you can turn on the Tbox Plus to watch the live broadcast. If your child is crying in the back seat and upsetting you, you can use Tbox Plus to play cartoon videos to soothe your child’s emotions.
Tbox Plus is such a versatile and intimate smart networked box that adds some entertainment to your life.

If you would like to install and use any apps like NetflixYouTubeInstagramTikTokSpotifyMetroZoneHuluDisney+Google Play GamesHBO MaxPluto TVXboxDiscovery+, etc, you deserve the TBox Plus!

You can watch moviesplay games, and interact with the Apps at any time without the usage of your mobile phone.

Note: There are 668 and 138 versions of T-box Plus. EM stands for 668 and EAU/JP/NA stands for 138. Their upgrade firmware are different, and can not be mixed to use. Before upgrading, please check if the version of the device is “668” or “138”.

(The 138 version of boxes uses the 138 firmware, and the 668 version of boxes use the 668 firmware)

If the product cannot be used normally without using the correct version to upgrade, you need to send the product back for repair and bear the corresponding high freight and maintenance costs!

How to identify the “668” or “138” version?

Method one:
Please check the version number on the back of the box.
1) “EM” stands for the “668” version
2) “EAU/JP/NA” stands for “Version 138”

Method Two:
Please click Box Settings>Version>Autokit-Box Plus Version__X9-SCXXX to confirm the 668 or 138 version.

If it does not have factory-wired CarPlay, the T-Box may not suit your vehicle.
Only for the vehicles that come with wired CarPlay.
If your screen supports the touchscreen function, you will get the best experience.



Global Version (Not US&CA), US&CA Version

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Harry S Frangoulidis
Works with android screen 12.2 2016 Audi q5

Audi Q5 2016 with android 10.25 head unit
Perfect little gadget
Connected it with the usb paired in seconds with Bluetooth
Fast and their is no lag
GPS works perfect
Any questions please ask

Samuel Sandoval
Works amazing with 2020 Corolla Hatchback

Glad I waited and got this. Had a defective one from Car2Play unit. Waste of money. But not this one, this is working flawlessly on my Corolla. The firmware I’m running right now is 8/24/2021. Took about 3 firmware updates to be on the latest version. I’d recommended this to anyone who has Toyota.

Jose galdamez
Muy bueno

Muy bueno

Gene Sidorov
Carlinkit 8x128 android 12 - 2022 Ford f450

Great packaging, awesome product, works amazing. A+++ Definitely worth $$