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Multimedia Android IOS Box For BMW(BMW 2018-2023 with Factory Carplay)ID6、 ID7、ID8、ID8.5


The MMB is a standalone Android OS box that plugs into your CarPlay USB port and it replaces Apple CarPlay with a fully functioning Android 10.0 operating system with a car-friendly interface layer on top. What this means is that you can run any Android 10.0 compatible app from the Google Play Store on your CarPlay display. Tether your iPhone or Android smartphone to the MMB and access streaming videos from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video on your CarPlay display.

Browse the internet using the Google Chrome browser, use the bundled GPS module to use navigation applications, and even play Android games on your touchscreen CarPlay display. You can also play locally stored videos and music from an inserted USB drive that’s loaded full of video and music content with its built-in player. The JoyeAuto MMB replaces the CarPlay experience with an Android one, so think of any Android mobile or tablet application and you can have this app running on your CarPlay display.

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*Can work on BMW factory carplay function models

Currently the product is divided into two internet versions for different car systems.
ID6ID8.5 Because of more bugs, it only supports 4G Internet version.
ID7ID8 The version that can use WiFi+4G internet access.
Currently unsupported models: 2 Series 7-Seat, 24 X1, 118i


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Currently, the device only supports inserting a SIM card to connect to the Internet, it does not support the device to connect to WiFi, it does not support the device to turn on the hotspot WiFi sharing, so it does not accept the return of the device due to the inability to use the device WiFi.
Supported models: BMW models with factory carplay.
Currently unsupported models: 2 Series 7-Seat, 24 X1, 118i


About how to start the various versions of BMW systems, and the problems:
id7 system: through the car USB interface, can start normally.
id6 system: Since the ID6 system cannot actively connect to the AI Box device, you need to use a separate USB device to power up and wait for the AI Box device to automatically connect to the car’s Bluetooth, and then just click within the screen to confirm that it can start in time.
ID8 system: Individual rectangular screen can not realize the full-screen display.
EVO system: some of the system is a later update of the system, added the function of CarPlay vehicle, also need to use a separate cigarette lighter USB to power the device like ID6.

Q: Why can’t the device use WiFi to access the internet and why does it only support SIM internet access

A: Received the limitation of BMW vehicle system, at present, only can use SIM for Internet access, does not support SIM Internet access.

Q: What is the BMW AI Box Wireless Multimedia Carplay Adapter?

A: The BMW AI Box is a plug-and-play device that upgrades your BMW’s factory wired or wireless CarPlay to a more advanced system, allowing for additional features such as app downloads from the Google Play Store, streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and internet access via a 4G SIM card.

Q: Which BMW models are compatible with the BMW AI Box?

A: The BMW AI Box is designed to work with any BMW model that comes with factory wireless CarPlay. This includes a range of BMW models; please consult the product description or your vehicle’s manual to check for compatibility.

Q: Can I use the BMW AI Box with my iPhone or Android phone?

A: Yes, the BMW AI Box is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, as long as your BMW supports factory wireless CarPlay.

Q: How do I install the BMW AI Box in my car?

A: The BMW AI Box is designed for easy installation with a plug-and-play setup. Simply connect the device to your car’s original USB port designated for CarPlay.

Q: Do I need a separate internet connection for the BMW AI Box?

A: The BMW AI Box supports internet access through a 4G SIM card only. You do not need to use your phone’s hotspot or Wi-Fi connection once the SIM card is inserted into the device.

Q: Can I download apps directly onto the BMW AI Box?

A: Yes, you can download apps directly from the Google Play Store onto the BMW AI Box thanks to its Android 10.0 system.

Q: What kind of storage does the BMW AI Box have?

A: The BMW AI Box comes with 64GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM. It also supports an external TF card for additional storage up to 256GB.

Q: Does the BMW AI Box support navigation apps?

A: Yes, the BMW AI Box supports navigation apps and comes with pre-embedded GPS, GLONASS, and BEIDOU positioning systems. It also features a smart split-screen function that allows you to watch videos while navigating.

Q: How is the BMW AI Box controlled?

A: You can control the BMW AI Box using your vehicle’s OEM touch function, controller, or buttons.

Q: What are the technical specifications of the BMW AI Box’s system?

A: The BMW AI Box runs on a customized Android system powered by an 8-core MediaTek 6765 processor with a 12nm process and a 2.3GHz main frequency. It supports the 4G GSM frequency band and comes with Bluetooth V5.0.

Q: Is the BMW AI Box certified?

A: Yes, the BMW AI Box has undergone certification and testing and holds CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications.

Q: Why can’t I download the software?

A: 1: Please confirm whether to use SIM to access the Internet. 2: Please confirm whether the software cannot be downloaded due to insufficient content capacity. 3: Please test downloading the software through traffic and install it. If there is no problem, then there may be a problem with the Google Store software. It is recommended that you use the browser to download the update package of the Google Store to update. 4: You can use apkpure software to install.

Q: the downloaded software no longer exists after restarting

A: Because the system automatically disables the software you downloaded, you can turn off the disable option of the software in the device’s engineering mode to resume normal use.

Supported models: BMW models with factory carplay.
Currently unsupported models: 2 Series 7-Seat, 24 X1, 118i

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