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System Backend Settings

Reset: Restore the box to the state where you just upgraded, and delete all the connection records of the box, which is similar to restoring factory settings. Sync Mode: In some cars that support the display of dashboard CarPlay media information, switch to sync mode when the media information is not displayed properly after using the box. In addition, switch to sync mode when the car does not… Read More »System Backend Settings

Chevrolet With AutoKit and uses the wireless Carplay function

This method is suitable for Chevrolet MyLink2.0, the original car has the Carlife icon No need to crack, use the Carlife icon to switch and exit Download the installation package (click to download) Decompress the downloaded file and put the decompressed file into the root directory of the USB flash drive (the USB flash drive must be FAT32) Insert the… Read More »Chevrolet With AutoKit and uses the wireless Carplay function