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If There is no response when the box is inserted into the car and the box lights up red

Please try the following method:

The mobile phone turns on the WIFI search signal: the signal at the beginning of VOLKSW
Password: 12345678

Then open the browser that comes with the Apple phone and enter the URL:

It will jump out of the box background page, click on the white dot at the bottom

Click “Feedback” and fill in the question

Fill in the question to complete the screenshot and send it to us, and then click Submit Log

The background will find this log according to the filled question and push the version upgrade

4 thoughts on “Carlinkit 2.0 cannot work on your car?”

  1. Unfortunately I have this problem too, but if the dongle (U2W-01-PLUS) is fully booted, there is no Wifi that I can connect to.
    I had already contact to WhatsApp-Support with no success yet.
    We tried:
    – to unplug and plug the dongle to cars USB port
    – to delete existing CarPlay/Bluetooth connections and connect again.
    – to reset the head unit
    – to use another iPhone

    Last try was to upgrade with an USB flash drive. Also with no success, because the APK-file (is this the right one?) I got, did not start the upgrade process. (Tried diffent drives in diffent sizes from different manufactures formatted in FAT32 allocation size 1024).
    Please help me!

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Carlinkit 2.0 cannot work on your car?