Air Conditioning Cushion for Cooling and Heating


Do you feel hot and uncomfortable when you get into the car in the hot summer?

Are you suffering from problems such as hemorrhoids, heat rash, prostate disease, etc due to long time driving in summer?

We have found the solution that allows you to quickly cool down the car seat in just five minutes even your car exposed to the sun for a long time, allowing you to sit on a comfy, dry seat cushion, and drive comfortably during a long journey.

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Advanced design: we use high-quality 3D cotton material. breathable mesh, the cushion can be disassembled and moved at will, durable.

Patented technology: The seat cushion can be synchronized with the temperature control of the air conditioner in the car, and the centrifuge-type induction system is turned on to continuously absorb the air-conditioning and heating into the cushion.

Multi-level control: You can adjust the temperature of the cushion, it is energy-saving and eco-friendly.

1. Excellent winter heating and summer cooling functions allow you to keep comfortable and refreshing

2. We use a diffuser sponge, which has good performance in heat preservation, heat insulation, and ventilation.

3. Anti-slip design for safe driving

4. The black PU leather is used on the edges to ensure that the cushion is comfortable and beautiful